Google Voice Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Google Voice Login:

Login Instructions for Google Voice:

1. The page you need to visit is: Yes, the URL may be a bit long, but you can just click on it as a link or copy and paste it into your address bar instead of type it out.
2. The next step is to fill in your email address into the email section. If you are an avid google user, this will probably be your gmail account.
3. As you may have figured, you need to type your google account password into the password section next.
4. After you have all the necessary information in, go ahead and press enter for the greatest speed. If you prefer to use your mouse more for navigation, just move your mouse pointer to the button that says "sign in." Next to this, you will usually see a box that says "stay signed in." If you decide to keep this checked, you won't have to go through this process again on this computer.


Password Reset Instructions for Google Voice:

1. If you forgot your password, or just want to change it for your security, visit the same page linked above.
2. Click on the link that says "Can't access your account?" to reset your password.
3. The page you will end up at will ask you in detail what you are having trouble with. Click on the bubble that says "I don't know my password." As soon as you do this, some information will show itself.
4. Follow the instructions here by typing in your email address. After that, go ahead and click on the "continue" button.
5. With this done, you will recieve some instructions regarding a password reset email. Wait for this email and follow the instructions it gives, and you should be able to connect to your Google Voice account in a matter of minutes.

Contacting Google:

1. Write Google Headquarters at:
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
2. telephone: +1 650 253 0000
3. fax: +1 650 253 0001